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How to create a Metamask wallet

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By Ricardo VillarrealThu Jul 07 2022

There are different types of wallets to choose from, but the world’s most popular non-custodial wallet is Metamask. If you create a wallet with Metamask, you will have complete control and custody over your keys and your crypto. This is a big responsibility, but it’s also a way in which you alone can have complete authority over your own funds. You become your own bank. 

How to set up a Metamask wallet

There’s two ways to access Metamask: 

  1. Download the mobile app on your iOS or Android device

  2. Add it as an extension to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) 

We recommend the desktop version, since it’s easier to navigate for people who are getting into crypto for the very first time. 

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Next steps are easy to set up. 

1. Click on Get Started: 


2. If you are new to Metamask, click on Create a Wallet


3. Set up a password


4. Set up a Secret recovery Phrase

This is where things get interesting. You will be given a Secret Recovery Phrase. This phrase is SUPER important. It is 12 words that are generated when you create your account, and serves as your “master” key. It allows you to recover your wallet if you ever lose access. 

It is very important you keep this secret recovery phrase in a very, very safe place. You can write it down, hide it somewhere, or put it in a deposit box. Some people even engrave their phrase onto metal plates. 


5. Did you store your secret recovery phrase somewhere safe? Just making sure


6. Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase

Now, Metamask will ask you to confirm that you wrote down your secret recovery phrase correctly. You will now be asked to click on each word in order.  


7. Congrats! You’re all done


8. Now, you should see your metamask wallet. 


What's next? Funding your Metamask wallet

Next, we’ll show you how to buy crypto using Rio! So you can later purchase an NFT, stake your crypto and generate interest, or do anything else in the crypto economy.