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ETH Domains

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By Eudelio GarzaSat Jul 09 2022

What are Ethereum Domains

Ethereum Domains, sometimes abbreviated to ENS (Ethereum Naming Service), allows you to have a human name within the Ethereum ecosystem. You can have any name you want if it is not yet taken, with ‘.eth’ at the end.

Why ETH domains are better than addresses

Ethereum addresses currently are a long string of mixed numbers and letters and look like this. 0x6e5bBE3f4Fe7b0CCd74d7dA1Cbd5CfE3c868BbdC Typing these addresses manually is a nightmare, and the probability of making a mistake when trying to send funds to a friend is big. ENS was introduced so that instead of worrying about wallet addresses, you can send money to your friend at ‘MrHODL.eth’ instead. This makes life far simpler, and anyone can register for a .eth domain name. ENS names are likely to become highly valuable with the increased adoption of the Ethereum ecosystem in the modern world. Today we will look at how you can register for a .eth domain.

Before you start

Before starting this process, you need a non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask. If you don’t already have a non-custodial wallet, we’ve made a step by step guide for you. You will also need some ETH in your wallet to pay the gas and annual fees for your name. Load-up on ETH using this link here. A quick tip: When signing up, the wallet you use will effectively have ownership of the domain name.

1. Go to to get started

ETH Domain Page

2. Connect your wallet to the site

Wallet ETH Domains

3. Search for your desired name

4. Name already taken?

If the name you search for is already taken by someone else you will be directed to a page like this which holds all the information about the ENS. So, if you reach this page try searching for another name!

ETH Domain Taken

5. Search for another name

Once you find an available name, you will be directed to this page

ETH Domain Available

6. Select how long you want to own your domain name

7. Select ‘Request To Register’

You will receive a prompt from MetaMask, and you need to confirm the transaction

8. Wait for it

The process has begun, and you will see a green bar on the screen representing the progress of you becoming an owner of a .eth domain name. Make sure you do not close your browser during this process! 

9. Finalize the registration process

Your wallet will send you another prompt and confirm this. You will have to pay the gas fee, and remember you should have funded your wallet before starting this process.

10. Congratulations!

You are now an owner of a brand new .eth domain name