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Integrating Rio

Rio is designed to be integrated easily into your exisiting website or mobile app.

Quick start

Instantiating the iFrame

To add Rio to your website, simply drop the following iFrame into your existing code. (In a mobile app, this would likely be wrapped in a webview)

> </iframe>

And that's it! Your users can now start buying crypto without leaving your app. However, this is just a basic integration and does not cover customization or affiliate tracking. Continue reading to learn more.

Supported environments

The URL above is for the sandbox environment. This means all orders will not actually be placed. To use the production environment, simply change the URL to

Questions? Contact support.

Advanced integration

In addition to the basic integration, you can customize the look and feel of the Rio component to match your brand. You can also track affiliate sales and add your own custom logic to the checkout process.

Optional parameters

The following parameters are optional and can be appended as query params to the URL of the iFrame:

  • partnerId(string)- The ID of the affiliate that should receive a commission on the sale. If not provided, the sale will not be tracked as an affiliate sale.
  • side(string)- Buy or sell. If not provided, the user will be able to choose. Currently, Rio only supports buy orders but will have sell soon.
  • crypto(string)- The crypto that should be selected by default.
  • amount(string)- The amount of crypto (in fiat) that should be selected by default. The fiat parameter should also be passed to use this param.
  • fiat(string)- The fiat currency that should be selected by default.
  • address(string)- The address that the user should be sent crypto to. If not set, the user will be prompted to enter an address or connect their wallet.
  • paymentMethod(string)- The payment method that should be selected by default. If not provided, the user will be able to choose.
  • country(string)- The country the user is located in

Customizing the component

We are very flexible and can customize the component to fit your branding needs. Please contact us for more information.


Supported cryptocurrencies

We currently support the following cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC- Bitcoin
  • ETH- Ethereum
  • USDC- USDC (Ethereum)
  • XLM- Stellar Lumen
  • sUDSC- Stellar USDC
  • AVAX- Avalanche X-Chain
  • AVAXCUSDC- Avalanche C-Chain USDC
  • DAI- DAI
  • pDAI- pDAI
  • mUSDC- USDC (Polygon)
  • L-BTC- Liquid BTC
  • USDT- Tether
  • BUSD- Binance USD
  • FUSD- Flow USD
  • GUSD- Gemini Dollar
  • PAX- Paxos Standard
  • USDS- Stalby Dollar
  • COMP- Compound
  • LINK- Chainlink
  • WBTC- Wrapped Bitcoin
  • WETH- Wrapped Ethereum
  • BAT- Basic Attention Token
  • CRV- Curve
  • MKR- Maker
  • SNX- Synthetix
  • UMA- UMA
  • UNI- Uniswap
  • YFI- Yearn Finance
  • GYEN- Digital JPY
  • ZUSD- Digital USD
  • RAI- Rai Reflex Index
  • LETH- Loopring Ethereum
  • LUSDC- Loopring USDC
  • ALGO- Algorand
  • AUSDC- Algorand USDC
  • AUSDT- Algorand USDT

Supported fiat currencies

We currently support all main fiat currencies. They are identified by their ISO 4217 code. For example, the US Dollar is identified by the code USD. For a full list, please contact us.

Supported payment methods

We currently support the following payment methods:

  • card- Debit card (available everywhere)
  • bankTransfer- Bank Transfer (available in the US through ACH and Mexico through SPEI)
  • cash- Cash payments (coming soon)
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